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Please read the following conditions carefully before continuing. Persons who log on to the Ashdale Boutique hotel website signify their agreement to the following conditions.

Data protection

WelcomHeritage Ashdale attaches great importance to data protection. As a visitor to the WelcomHeritage Ashdale website, you decide which personal data you are willing to disclose to us.

If you register personally or make bookings via our website or request information material or other services, we require personal information about you, such as your name, email, telephone and address. To the extent that such services are provided by third parties, we will pass your data on to the service providers concerned; by giving us your particulars, you automatically authorize us to do so. Otherwise we will treat your personal data in confidence and only process it ourselves or release it to third parties in an anonymized form.

Data processing is intended to enable us to design our website and our own service offering to meet the needs of users. However, data processing is also effected, in particular, for market analysis and to ascertain interest in the wide-ranging tourist service offering in Nainital thereby enabling us to reach conclusions as to the design of this tourist service offering in an appropriate way to satisfy needs and to enable Nainital tourists businesses to benefit from this knowledge. Any other use of your personal particulars, in particular their sale to third parties, is expressly excluded. As a registered customer you can ask us to provide information on the content of your customer data held by us.


Cookies are small data elements which a website may send your browser to give you better support when using database-assisted systems. However, you can set your browser in such a way that it informs you when you receive a cookie or automatically declines to accept it. You can therefore decide for yourself whether or not you wish to accept. However, non-acceptance of a cookie means that you cannot set up a personal account with ashdaleboutiquehotel.com or make online hotel bookings.

Transmission of our e-newsletter and emails

WelcomHeritage Ashdale sends out info newsletters containing further information, e.g. on updated websites or special offers by email. If you register for this service, we wish to call your attention to the fact that the emails are generally transmitted in non-encrypted form with the attendant risk that such data may be intercepted and read by third parties.

Opt Out Policy

You may un-subscribe from the WelcomHeritage Ashdale newsletter or any promotional email at any time. Each such email will contain a direct link which enables you to de-subscribe easily and automatically.

Copyright and trademark rights

The entire content of the WelcomHeritage Ashdale website is copyright protected. All rights are owned by WelcomHeritage Ashdale or third parties. The elements contained on the WelcomHeritage Ashdale website are freely accessible for browsing purposes only. Duplication of this material, or parts thereof, in any written or electronic form is permitted only with a specific mention of WelcomHeritage Ashdale. Reproduction, transfer, amendment, linking or use of the WelcomHeritage Ashdale website for public or commercial purposes is prohibited without the prior written consent of WelcomHeritage Ashdale. The various names and logos appearing on the WelcomHeritage Ashdale site are generally registered and protected trademarks. No part of the WelcomHeritage Ashdale is designed in such a way as to grant a licence or right to utilise a picture, registered mark or logo. Downloading or copying the WelcomHeritage Ashdale website or parts thereof, confers no rights whatsoever in respect of the software or elements of the WelcomHeritage Ashdale website. WelcomHeritage Ashdale reserves all rights in respect of all elements of the WelcomHeritage Ashdale website with the exception of rights belonging to third parties.

No warranty

Although WelcomHeritage Ashdale has taken all possible care to safeguard the reliability of the information contained on the ashdaleboutiquehotel.com website at the time of its publication, neither WelcomHeritage Ashdale nor its contracting partners can give any explicit or implicit assurance or warranty (including to third parties) in respect of the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information on WelcomHeritage Ashdale. Opinions and other information contained on the WelcomHeritage Ashdale website may be changed at any time without prior notice. WelcomHeritage Ashdale accepts no responsibility and gives no guarantee to the effect that the functions on WelcomHeritage Ashdale website will not be interrupted or that the WelcomHeritage Ashdale website or the relevant server is or are free from viruses or other harmful contents.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your privacy issues, please do not hesitate to contact gm@staging2.ashdaleboutiquehotel.com


When you make a reservation on Ashdaleboutiquehotel.com, you will be asked to enter personal information in order to secure your reservation. This information is submitted to our booking partner and our Web Hosting provider. WelcomHeritage Ashdale and these service providers WILL NOT sell or distribute any personal information about you or any other individual traveler. The name, address and phone number you provide may be used for marketing or quality assurance purposes for the benefit of WelcomHeritage Ashdale. While you will receive an e-mail confirmation whenever you make a reservation on-line, you will not receive any unsolicited e-mail as a result of making a reservation on our site.

Cancellation Policy

  • Full retention will be charged for cancellation received 10 days prior to arrival.
  • In the unlikely event of our inability to provide the above accommodation, we will arrange alternate accommodation of similar standards and provide transport to the guest at our cost.
  • No cancellation charges if cancelled more than 15 days prior to arrival.
  • One day pro-rata cancellation charges will be forfeited/levied for cancellation received 11-14 days prior to arrival.
  • The above cancellation policy is not valid during long weekends, Christmas, New Year and during certain other times of the year wherein rooms will be confirmed subject to non refundable advance.

Last Updated : September 2020